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2014-11-14 00:23:15 by ZeWitchKid

sup portal, hey i do flash now...well sort of...its complicated


why post anyway no one read my profile...oh well just in case ...

...well i havent uploaded anything lately (last 3 years) , i have done things but it wasnt much art, and mostly experimental stuff


i learned HTM5, CSS/, ActionScript 3 and javascript...reading a little about Java too

i mostly do front end design for websites now in college, when i graduate il be a full time web designer...or something


also , my cat is gone :(

Exams ...

2012-01-10 20:22:38 by ZeWitchKid

1st session in college : passed !

...almost failed * whistle * but still in the run

Hello newgrounds, i havent updated my profile, reason : read above
im am now in college in Visual arts and multimedia, i have for around six years , so little time to draw stuff , even less time to sleep or procrastinate on the portals, but chrismas vacations gt me some spare time so i worked immediatly on thousands of projects at once, including my comic novel and a way to eat the cream filling inside oreo's cookies without pulverising the cookie with a giant sledgehammer , so far im getting good results after 398 745 experiments, and a few complains from my fellow neighbours

i also had to recover from past year's tragedy, my roomats stole my computer ( and all the works inside it ) and my tablet ( asshole....) and i had to work like a vietcong to buy a new tablet and a new cmputer, that done my college session began almost immediately after so i had little time to sit and work, i also had to move two times , one because of a bedbug infestation and the other because some pothead was growing weed under my floor( i almost got trouble because the old cramp abofe though i was the culprit and called the cops, and now i had to debate with them why i wasnt the guy ect...)

as you can see life is just the usual...

oh and on a totally unrelated subject, i am now taking care of that thing ( see pic ) the most affectionate/violent furball in the existence ... called her Voodoo cuz she bring me good fortune :3
( and scratches all over my face )

Exams ...

summer was...again ...too short
and i couldnt save enough to buy me my new cintiq...i fact i just screwed up and got even more debts...
life is a bitch! ( so does my boss for cutting me back to 24 hours a week! how am i supposed to pay the bills with that?)

i got an interview for a new job at an art supply store...wish me luck , so far they havent called back :(

still alive...and school start :(

im bored

2010-07-14 00:44:05 by ZeWitchKid

drawing havent been too much my occupation theses days, mostly because my latest hardware work like a shoe, and it dosent fit...

( seriously try drawing with a shoe....)

i think its because im getting frustrated about not being able to look at both my pencil and what im doing, most of the stuff i draw on paper get done in 15 minutes while digital work lineart take like 2 hours, and i have to spend another 2 hours correcting all the mistakes and proportions screwups

dont get me wrong, pc tablets are 100000 times better than drawing with a mouse , but its not like drawing on the real thing...

of course , since i changed my computer, my scanner got compatibility problems , and i cant draw on paper, then add colors...( sigh , cannons wont even try making a fix for the scanner,s driver Oo)

so...im slowly saving money to buy a wacom cintiq 12 w x, its a tablet with a screen bulit in, i tryed one 1 month ago and i almost jizz+---- in my pants... feel so real

i would defenitively work faster with this baby , save a lot of down time and finally get some projects goin , well if my boss would stop giving me 50 hours weeks hahahah

free time is hard to get by when you got to pay the bills Ool


2010-04-14 23:02:27 by ZeWitchKid

...so...what did in missed?

Ah yes , Obama finally got an ebauche of universal health care for america
tax payers : 1 greedy fat cats : 0
and somewhere in the french part of canada , they took away our free universal health care and replaced it with a semi-private 200 bucks a month insurance that NO fucking One want

all that under the pretext of a buget deficit...THAT THE SAME ROTTEN GOVERNMENT CAUSED HIMSELF THE PAST 10 YEARS!!!!

way to go Jean charest, now you got me a reason to become a barber and buzz saw that wooly braids you so proudly wear...

...once you guys are done with Obama , can we have him please?

Sc2 beta

2010-03-28 02:17:13 by ZeWitchKid

Starcraft 2 beta.....rocks!

comic update

2010-03-22 02:44:03 by ZeWitchKid

finally started my comic about gas stations,but i didnt draw it on my tablet, i think il stick with classical pen n' paper for comics, its faster and look better ( i still have trouble with tablets, its hard to draw looking at the screen rather than look directly on the paper...

big broblem! my scanner have troubles supporting windows 7 , its too old

so i gotta find a place where i could scan my work, or mabie my bro could do it.

once il have a few pages done il take a trip at my bro's place and make a few 600 dpi scans then edit them with manga studio 4...

doin nothing

2010-03-08 02:38:43 by ZeWitchKid

...because im busy on a high stressed exam period and also working on a pen and paper roleplaying game of my own design, trying to write all the game's rules down so i can make some beta test with a few buddies.


2010-02-27 05:15:49 by ZeWitchKid



10 K HITS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2010-02-20 04:07:24 by ZeWitchKid

wow , evony parody scored 10 000 pageviews!!! awesome

i wanna celebrate this with another parody

im open to suggestions, im gonna hit hard and they gonna feel it ^^

im open to any juicy, abusive, fraudulent , frequent , pretentious web based adds that could serve as source material , i will personally look for something myself, but if you think you can have any Kick ass idea for an ad , or spam parody feel free to leave a comment ^^

10 K HITS!!!!!!!!!!!!!